Monday, June 2, 2014

Flowers of happiness

Hello my friends! Can't believe it's been months since I have last posted something, and mostly as I couldn't recover my log in credentials due to some IT issues related to me being in Japan :) However I am back now (managed to log in from London). And happier than ever! Japan it is really amazing and there is not much note to love about it. Simple things done in a flawless manner and cultural discoveries are inspiring me every day. The attention paid to details, the harmony, the beauty...I must say I will have a really hard time going back to Europe at some point in my life.

One thing people love most about Japan is also the beauty of its nature, the mountains and the beaches, the colored trees and the cherry blossoms. Which are nice but not all that Japan has to offer in terms of natural beauty. And I find this a bit unfair, especially as a person who loves flowers :) Japan is not just about cherry blossoms. There are tens of flower viewings (hanami- which btw started around plum trees blossoms and only later on changed to cherry trees).  Wisteria (called Fuji in Japanese, like the mountain :), my absolute favorite place is Ashikaga ), azalea, hydrangea, shibazakura (translates to cherry blossoms on the ground), irises, roses, lavender and many more are enchanting use month after month, season after season.

I am posting a couple of pics below, hopefully some of you will get inspired and visit Japan around the time when some of these beauties are in bloom- see calendar here.  (remember they kind of bloom from south to north).

Wisteria (Fuji)
Azalea at Nezu shrine

Plum Trees (UME)

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