Saturday, December 28, 2013

All ends well, when #happymaking in Japan

It's been a while, a very long while since I have posted here. Partially because the evil Blogger platform didn't want to accept my yahoo account credentials for a while (which means, at any time, this can be the end :) ), partially because I have been pretty busy moving to Tokyo and starting in my new role in Japan.

But I am back now!!!! Right in time to wish you a Happymaking 2014!

This blog won't turn into a travel diary, not about an expat's life in Japan, since all my happy updates go on Facebook. However I do feel many of the coming #happymaking topics will be about my Japanese experiences.

Like the cute video below, in which I got to be part of during my first week @ IBM Japan :)
AKB48 is a very popular girls band and they have this song that became pretty popular. Lots of groups, companies and even government agencies did their own version of it. Below you can see IBM's, with our football cheerleaders, employees, executives and even clients :)  Try and spot me!

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laura p said...

loved this! green sweater, Silvia, nice moves :)