Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Travels

Something I have always wanted to write about :) And mainly from a very selfish reason: I hate waiting for minutes for some people to pass through airport security, when it could be really easy if we could ALL stick to some rules!
And not just that, but I am sure nobody is a big fan of getting super extra checked, questioned etc. I know security still has to make a living and they may ask for some things, but trust me, you can avoid LOTS of that by planning your security check just like you plan your packing.

So here are my travel tips:
  • NOT to wear when going through security: belt, scarf, high heels, lots of accessories. If you really need to have some watch or belt, keep them in your bag and put them on after you pass the security check...you can save some time :)
  • I wouldn't wear sandals, nor flip flops as in case you have to remove them and the airport has no plastic feet covers, you will end up walking barefoot...and that is not fun in an airport.
  • not too many sweaters and jackets as you will have to take them all off, really!
  • same for hats and other hair accessories, security just loves having you remove everything
  • now regarding small liquids recepients in your handbag: so far security has never detected my super small lip gloss or hand sanitizer even if not packed separately in the plastic bag. Personally I think they just do that so that YOU waste your time searching for them and putting them in a bag. THINK, that even if they find them, they will only check them so the max you risk is NOT LOOSING more time :)
Pretty simple rules I'd say, however I do also have some tips, regarding travelling in comfort and saving time. So here we go:
  • Nowadays travelling ONLY with hand luggage is becoming a luxury. Flight attendants go mad when they run out of space in the cabin, and you got one more thing to worry: where should I put my bag? I know delayed luggage is also not fun but personally I prefer to check it in all the way to the final destination, than running around with it through airports. Also think about taking your luggage to the toilet which is not fun, space wise...
  • Just wear comfortable clothing, and easy to take off shoes... that if your have a long flight. For one hour trip you can wear whatever but spending 12h in tight jeans may not be fun.
  • Have a scarf and a sweater handy, as it gets cold at above 8k m altitude...Plus the scarf is pretty handy if your mouth opens when you sleep :) You can just cover your face with it!
  • Have some snacks with you, as you never know what you're gonna get in the plane. Some airlines have great food, some call the detergent they serve fresh orange juice.
  • Make sure your laptop battery is fully charged and you got enough stuff to read, watch...not all airlines have good entertainment, sadly.
  • If you want to sleep, pick a window seat, this way you won't be disturbed whenever someone wants to go to the toilet.
  • Drink lots of water, and say no to random alcohol you find in the plane and is not really helping you stay hidrated.
  • Stretch and walk if you have a longer flight
  • Have a small moisturizer to keep your skin hidrated too
  • And toothbrush and toothpaste if the airline is not providing any
  • and yeah, keep your documents handy as you need them at least 4-5x for any take off :)