Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet Foxy. The HAPPYMAKING dog

Small German Spitz. White, long hair. Male. 8kg. Age 6.
Name: FOXY
I never wanted a dog. Especially in an apartment. I firmly believe animals should be in the wild and not tortured by kids around the house. My brother however doesn't share the same opinion :) So about 6 years ago he imported Foxy, his Hunagarian "son" :) Despite the fact that we had some pets as kids, I never imagined he would get a dog, but well...

So 6 years ago I interacted with Foxy on a very rare occurence, maybe walked him (can't call Foxy IT, sorry, after all he's our boy :D) or played with him for some days but that was it. Then Mr Foxy relocated to Spain, Belgium and Paris. Nicely trained and travelled doggy.

However about one month before dad died, Bro brought Foxxy home. A very wild beast if I may say, pretty agressive with everyone and sooooo nasty! But not the case anymore :) In about 4 months this doggy has changed completely! Unfortunately dad was too weak to play with him or take Foxy for a walk but felt pretty happy watching him and telling us about all the cute things Foxy was doing during the day.

We tend to think that Foxy came into our lives right when dad left, just to cheer us up, distract us and tell us every day that dad is still around the house. For that reason and many to mention he is a super #HAPPYMAKING dog.

So what else?
  • keeps mum company when we are away, and unlike me who when I cry I get comfort from my Bog, she would have nobody around the house if not for doggy. She says he is a GREAT listener :)
  • barks and doesn't like gipsies, police men, horses and beggars :)
  • licks our hands when we come home and when we wake up
  • has about 20 toys and always asks us to play with them
  • frequently stands up on 2 legs, turns around and makes funny things
  • while I work from home nicely sits under my bed
  • chases cats like mad, but never does anything to them
  • SMILES, all the time
  • sleeps when he's not smiling, like an angel with all his 4 legs UP :))))
  • whenever he comes from outside he goes directly to the bathroom and waits for mum to clean his legs and tummy :)
  • he's the first one jumping in the car and saying ROAD TRIP
  • hides his bone snacks around the house, although we keep telling him there is no other dog visiting us so all his posessions are safe
  • stretches like a 100m runner, one leg at a time, tiger position all there. and then he falls down and sleeps :)
  • sings....mum said that, personally need to see it
  • loves music, me playing the piano or listening to the radio, TV-not that much.
  • we call him the "magic carpet" his favorite position.
  • no bugs around the house- fly, bee, mosquito, you name it, all chased and eaten by Foxy.
  • runs like crazy and loves long walks so a pretty good companion
  • small and easy to handle :)
  • very very protective
  • and last but not least, Foxy is such a soft pillow, perfect for some #happymaking nap :)