Friday, April 27, 2012

Good bye, my happymaker!

It's been exactly 5 weeks since I lost my horrible pain and a miserable hospital, peacefully holding his burning candle as he was saying goodbye to this world. And there left my happymaker and I no longer have a chance to introduce you to the most precious person in my life. So I thought I could tell you a bit about him, so that you pray for him and think of him just like he was thinking about you, my all around the world friends who were always talking to me in English, and made listening to our conversation such highlights of the day for dad :)
  • he loved to travel, and since his heart condition and of course finances didn't allow it he was always logged into google earth, following me around the world, telling me about streets and places I could check in all the places I have been.  I was his eyes and took thousands of pics for him to see what I saw and spend good days talking about it.Too bad we didn't make it to see the ocean together, cause he loved the sea, and our dream was to live by the beach in a place with turquoise waters. And he loved me calling from the sea and let him listen to the waves.
  • he loved food and cooking, and learning how to cook by watching all kind of cooking channels and us experimenting together in matching aprons with me being his Master Chef.
  • he loved looking after himself, and was good about it, with the strictest diet I have seen so far. And I loved looking after him and bringing him all kind of diet sweets and interesting ingredients and vitamins all around the world. Best souvenirs...and now so many left to me.
  • he loved watching movies with me, and treasured our movie watching marathons :) Thank God we shared the same preferences for movies!
  • he was the one I played computer games with, discovering and exploring together, keeping his hands on my shoulders and encouraging Lara Croft to make the final jump.
  • he was the funniest person ever, and we loved making jokes about everything including about ourselves! People often thought we lead some kind of conspiracy with our funny smiles and being able to communicate with each other without talking, but we were just having fun.
  • he loved all my friends because he knew they make me happy
  • he loved sports and we were big fans of football (SOCCER in case you had doubts) and watched all WFC matches and always cheered for the same team. 
  • he loved cars, especially fixing them since that was his job before the strokes and enjoyed us calling and asking about changing a fuse or the front light bulb or whatever.
  • he loved building and fixing things around the house. And this time he was the Master and I was his little helper.
  • he loved holding my hand when I was sleeping at home during weekends, and we were always thinking it may be the last time when we hold our hands but always hoped for more days to come
  • he loved dreaming and being optimistic. that's all he had and all he could give us, and he was wonderful with encouraging us to follow our dreams and keep strong
  • he loved making us smile, even it meant acting like a clown
  • he loved having trendy outfits and being asked by the teens at the highschool next to us where did he get his shoes or jackets from. Too bad he didn't get to wear them often.
  • he loved planning small trips and going outdoors and we were planning them like they were the greatest adventures ever!
  • he loved making me breakfast, and fresh carrot juice, every single time I came home!
  • he loved ME...and I miss his love, so keep telling the rest of the family that they need to show their love now more, cause i need an increased share of hugs, kisses and good morning calls.
I'm sleeping on his side of the bed, wearing his shirt and I know he is right here with us. And he'll always be, until we'll meet again. Meanwhile it's just me and his palm tree cross, that my dear Heba, Sherif and I have managed to find in Cairo during my first visit...and what an adventure that was :)

Go kiss your parents, my friends, tell them that you love them and make them happy!

the happymaker

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