Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ag2S, a chemical compound that adds the old 1880s look to your pictures: SEPIA. One more reason to like seafood if you didn't, or at least cuttlefish :) I have always been fascinated by the sepia toning and I can still remember how my mum used to do magic in her dark room by turning black&white pictures into something so unique and beautiful. It looked much more special than a colorful picture, more romantic, misterious and why not, the faces reflected more happiness.

And then I lost contact with sepia, for many years, until I got this cute Canon IXUS 1000 HS camera from my Master which allows me to take pics in sepia trouble to go in Photoshop or to edit pics myself- endless joy of taking sepia photos :)
Why is SEPIA such happymaking? It makes cities look deserted, helps you focus on the topic rather than the colors and the noise around, characters look better, face expression is so much stronger and deeper. I personally think a sepia toned picture says 10x more than a regular one. Let's say if the novelists& writers would have created photos, the poets would have been the sepia toned ones: music, rhymes and lots of imagination in one image. Plus it makes one wonder: what were the real colors? was it cloudy? was she wearing make up? is that a red or orange apple? Endless scenarios transforming the simple act of watching a photo to dreaming about what was actually happening during that day.

And a happymaking experiment for you :) Take a pic of yourself smiling, in a sepia tone and check the difference. Not only your teeth will apper more white and shiny but I bet you'll be starting to think one can now see deep into your soul :) Enjoy sepia and take happy pics!

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