Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How was your 2011?

Almost there :-) Time to be thankful and think about what we did this year, plan to do but failed...or succeeded...people who touched our hearts, places we've seen, new things we just discovered or old wishes coming true.

My 2011 was pretty colorful :D ....and very very very happymaking!!! Actually I've been having this feeling for the past 6-7 years, that every year it was so much better than the previous one, although I thought things could not get any better than that :-) Pretty cool, huh?

So why was my 2011 happier than the years before?
  • I got married...ta daaaaaaa! It can only happen once and it could have only been to my precious Master, so this time, honestly, I have no idea how 2012 can get beat that :-) Although statistically, I think it will! and got to have so many friends and colleagues coming to my wedding even from far away, which was more than awesome! Plus did I mention I am still getting wedding gifts?
  • got to go back to my lassana Sri Lanka...which is kind of a dream coming true cause I never expected to happen that soon. But now am pretty convinced it will happen again ;)
  • had my family around for one more year, which with dad's condition it is always the thing I cherish most...and this year hasn't been that easy, must admit. But with God's help we will have him back for Christmas and to kick 2012!!!
  • bro got back on track, opened this new restaurant and am very proud of him :D. Plus I got the chance to go wild and set up another Facebook page! ha ha ha
  • we subscribed to a gym in our area and I started my interval training powered by my new and pretty pink Gymboss timer. No 6pack so far but feeling GREAT- and since husband is so nice he makes sure I get lots of complements coming :) !!! So a bit of thank you to Zuzana from for her cool but killer workouts!
  • did some nice Romanian road trips with mum and dad and got to see some unique places of my country...which is kind of cool cause I think I know other countries better and mine...but not complaining :D
  • back to Africa...3x :D I just love everything about Africa (except the political and poverty issues which we kind of need to contribute more ourselves), so please shoot me :) And this time I went to new places like Kenya and Uganda where I met such nice and lovely people. Need to get back someday...maybe 2012? :-)
  • I was part of and did some cool things work wise also- as in @ IBM :) but won't go into that as I am not sure how I should describe them. Anyway, my job still rocks, I love the people I work with and all excited about 2012.....and am not kidding, really love them, even made one of them my bridesmaid :DDDD
  • made new friends- please don't ask me to mention you all :) , lots of, maybe best thing about 2011 is how close I got to some and how blessed I am to have them in my life for the years to come
  • got 3 wisdom teeth more left for 2012...:(
  • hair got longer, for a kid traumatized by not having long hair like the other girls this is a big achievement :D
  • learned to cook some new things, something that highly excites me so has to come here!
  • also ate some pretty awesome food...and lots of my favorite fruit PAPAYA :D...yes that is an achievement as I had to go to Sri Lanka for not that easy
  • sorry for disappointing you, but things like new car, new house or new whatever don't belong here....yet...but I got a nice Gymboss in case you didn't get that yet? awesome to train with!...and since I am a girl after all some pairs of new shoes :D
  • learned to play this piano piece- which is a big achievement since I kept playing the sheets I studied in school. but just loving Yiruma too much and couldn't stay away :) You can check it here...slightly improved in between.
  • no painting this year but 2011 not over yet. So I think I will have a session soon ;-)
  • have been pretty safe and healthy all around '11, pretty happy and felt lots of lots of LOVE and hopefully made the ones around me feel special also.
  • also think I've changed a bit, personal transformations continue to surprise me but am embracing them and trying to make the best out of them. Exciting to see myself growing/ changing/ evolving while still trying to keep what I think people love most about me! Hope will manage that!
  • last but not least getting to travel to Egypt this lots of happymaking to come :-) with very nice& happy friends, with my very happy Toffy and lots of happy happy food!
Plus the happy season is just about to begin- lots of work for the Happymaker ;-) Already starting to feel like Santa's little helper! So much HAPPYMAKING left for 2011!!!!
How was your year? Hope at least as good as mine!