Friday, July 29, 2011

Sunsets & Sunrises

There is something about sunsets and sunrises that makes me so happy and extatic that I don't even think I have enough words to describe it. First of all I see them so seldom, I miss them, I dream about seeing one, I imagine the lights, the wind, lots of anticipation :-) Then the colors: vibrant orange, flashy pink, shades of blue, purple and red melting in the clouds and sinking in the sea or hiding behind a mountain (however I prefer the sea). I could swear the sea is stealing the sun from me, ray by ray...but it's ok, eventually I'm getting it back the next day, more shiny and luckily bigger :-) And how all the shapes turn black, dark trees, dark birds, dark silhouettes as if they don't even matter anymore- out of focus. Am sure time stays still when the sun goes up and down, too bad I can't prove it and you may not believe me...but who cares, I will still get my piece of eternity :-)
Know everyone loves sunsets and sunrises, but remember to smile when you see one, don't think one can get a happier view for free :-) #happymaking