Sunday, June 26, 2011

I ♥ U

About LOVE. Again. But slightly different :-)

Think about love, something are born from, grow up with and yet see it as such a scarce resource. My case: guess about until the end of high school I found it a bit uncool to tell my family how much I LOVE them. Then, nature wise you do fall in LOVE, with the wrong guy, think it's a super unique feeling,imagine all kind of scenarious on confessing to him, if to say it, if it is what it feels like, then he breaks your heart, you swear never to do it again, 3 months later you fall for it again. A word that can literally change everything and yet something we say much to seldom. A feeling we are so scared to put it in words.

Must have taken me years to realize it's just an word and kind of just the beach before putting my feet in the wet sea. And it's something any person, no matter of religion, can confirm it: we are being loved by our God, everything around us was made out of love, we are being taught to love not only the ones we'd like to but also our enemies, the less fortunate one, the people who hurt us or those we think we don't know well enough to feel anything for them.

So if love is in everything and everywhere, then why us not being part of sharing it? Snobism? Selfishness? Misconceptions? Laziness? Do we really think it's something we should only keep for certain people in our lives? Or are afraid people won't understand us and think we are exagerating with such a natural feeling? Do we really care about it?

Have been so happy since I've realized this. FYI was one of the reasons for the #happymaking affair. It's ok to love, and ok for me to tell my friends that I love them and miss them, for me to be nice not only to people I know well or are nice to me. And in case you wonder, it's also ok for my close family, they don't think I love them less because I cherish and share more love :D

Anticipating happy moments.
And much love to give and take.
Can only wish you the same,

the Happymaker

Monday, June 13, 2011

The.Happymaking.Wedding. VIDEO

And so we got married :-) Here is a short video in case you have missed our happymaking wedding day!

the Happymaker