Thursday, May 12, 2011


Loving this short but super awesome video. Please watch it :-) Forget chocolate, go for a simple smile and you'll live happily& healthy ever after. Find out why! ;-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

My grannie

When was the last time you did something for your grandparents? Or paid a surprise visit to you uncle? Or invited them for lunch? We are so busy with ourselves that IF we got kids we look after them and best case after our parents. Although sadly enough, many of us do forget to look after their parents even when they're getting old and need us the most. But let's assume we do that. How about grandparents? So very often we assume that we look after our parents and our parents should look after theirs, but let's admit it...when they all get a bit old, it is us that needs to look after them. I feel lame when I think of that- eg I never call gradma...or maybe once a month (luckily she is visiting us pretty often)- but I always assume that mum calls her and one way or the other don't do it myself.

Don't like myself for that. Get dragged in all kind of activities, talk to all sort of people and yet, sometimes I forget to check on my grannie.

Last week I got legally married and managed to have some happymaking with my grannie- we did our hair, driven mum mad :D and most important I got to wear a Romanian outfit she made for me while she was younger and her vision better.Her dream of us wearing Romanian outfits came true. Was happy and she was even happier as everyone was inquiring about the outfits and was congratulating her for the masterpieces :-) Plus now she saw all her grandchildren getting married!!! Big achievement I'd say :-)She likes me to print her pics, to tell her about all the places I went, to make her an exotic cocktail or bake bread with the cooking machine and save her the time. She loves me playing the piano, singing with her, bringing her flowers and just talking to her. She loves remembering grandpa. I'll try spending more time with her, while I still have her around :-)

Keep your eyes on your grannies and your arms around them! Cherish and enjoy them while you can!

Love, yours
The Happymaker