Tuesday, April 5, 2011

African Happymaking Dress - aka- Fashionable Mentoring

First time I went to Kenya and opened the African Woman magazine I discovered the awesome and colorful dresses Sylvia Owori is designing. Unfortunately that was during my flight back :-( I love having clothes from different geographies so I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't get anything African for my multicultural wardrobe. When I've been told I will go to Uganda I researched and found out she has 2 shops in Kampala ;-) Got to one of them during a lunch break but couldn't find anything interesting:-( Disappointment #2
However today I got lucky and had a very fashionable IBM day :D First I discovered that one of my Ugandan mentees- Adella- has a fashion magazine and second while having a drink with my other mentee Nordreen (I know, Ugandan mentees are the BEST!) we got into the other Sylvia's shop and tadaaaaa: my dress was there, Sylvia was there (check pic), what else can I wish for :-)

Never thought shopping can get so happymaking! Felt so happy to let her know her dress will fly in a couple of hours to Romania and that I may wear it for my engagement party!

And here I am with my super fashion magazine editor and mentee Adella Ahebwa:-) Keep your eyes on the PHASION BUK- someday this lady will be a STAR!

So: BYE BYE UGANDA- will miss Kampala, the orphanage, the IBMers, the Nile, my daily matoke, my mentees, Sylvia Owori's shop, my swimming pool and my chota dost Kamal :-)!