Friday, March 4, 2011

At the top of the stairs there's HAPPINESS

ALOHA my special friends! While on a work trip in Kampala, Uganda (you can see pics here) and spending way too much time with my ipod, I realized that The Formations got it all wrong> actually I can't believe the happymaker has such a song on her ipod :-) What's wrong with these guys and seeing the darkness at the top of the stairs?

Are we always anticipating that after great happiness a complete misery will follow? Or that we don't have the right to be happy for too long? I know being happy and sad alternate during our entire life but...from here to saying NO to any chance of being happy just because afterwards one may be sad is .....kind of...sad?

What about love, laugh, run, dance, dress as nobody sees you and nobody cares? What about the hours people spend planning their careers, lives, dinners out or vacations- are people also including some 30 mins being sad in the forecast? If so then, that's a lot of wasted energy :-)

I won't go back to why being happy, thankful and optimistic in this life, but just want to make some remarks when it comes to "stairs":
  • at the top of the stairs are OTHER stairs. So save your thoughts for when you reach the top, if ever :-)
  • enjoy the climbing> running, jumping or however you decide to do it, enjoy it! You may never come across these stairs again.
  • color your stairs in red, yellow, blue or green. Make sure you use all colors you can think of :-)
  • if you get tired, stop and sit. You don't have to rush to the top, the climbing makes all the money. Don't be afraid to take a break!
  • if there are many stairs ahead take a friend. Climbing in two is more fun, plus is good if you have someone to catch you in case you may stumble and fall :-)
  • don't measure: it's ok to climb one or more steps at a time. Surprise yourself!
  • stairways may be straight, round, ladders or elevators > don't allow people to tell you which one you should pick!
  • leave marks and don't be afraid to go one step back. It's ok to look down and it is very nice when you can go back to finish something you once started.
Wish you dream of floating stairs, I know I might now :-) Can't wait to make some more steps on my #happymaking stairs tomorrow!

PS:I found these nice rainbow stairs at a nursery next to the Airtel/IBM office in Kampala Kololo. Wish you could see the faces of the kids :)

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Kamal Sharma said...

Pretty colourful. With this post your have raised yourself a step up in the difficult order of eloquence and flow of happy thoughts. You are a magic. Keep spreading happiness and changing lives ;).