Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Countdown to Happiness

Tonight is the night my parents have always been waiting for, just that they don't know it yet :-) And do not dare to tell them! Can't wait to see their happy faces and tell them that WE're getting MARRIED. Left them almost last because since we only decided on Sunday, I wanted to make sure we will have a full happymaking weekend to celebrate this :-) To Bog's friends (don't feel less special, the Master hasn't let anyone know yet- he is still waiting for me to change my mind act surprised).

Now I am posting this for 3 simple reasons:
  • am happy about it and can't sleep since the decision :-). Can't wait for God to give us His blessings and marry my favorite boy in my favorite church!
  • writing it down for all our friends who CAN'T believe it- trust me you won't have to ask again!
  • there is a #happymaking lesson for you:
8years ago he proposed me, 8years ago I said yes without blinking and ever since he's been my #happymaker. Of course a wedding was in plan at some point but there has never been a rush. So slowly we got there, plus I got a full month without travels to plan it.

The happymaking lesson is for my other friends who are out there waiting to make the same decision: DON'T overthink. People have been getting married since forever. If you feel it is the time don't wait for him to rent an aeroplane and to propose you again or don't wait for her to leave hints that she wants to get married. Just go for it. And if you still need inspiration, listen to Mr Bruno Mars, the boy is right :-)

PS: Wedding will be this SUMMER. Facebook invitations, funny prints and all the fun will follow. I'll share the magic date. Would be honoured to have you with us :-)

#the happymaker

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