Friday, January 21, 2011

About Gems, Fairy tales and Dreams

Last night I had an awesome dream: I was a fairy and we were having flying lessons. It was pretty easy, just spreading our hands and rapidly taking altitude, then controlling our balance while going up and down towards a valley. We were supposed to get some water and come back to the fairies' garden :-) I remember us wearing some lovely white&silver dresses, people not being able to see us...and some evil creatures (dressed like lady GAGA) trying to get us- but luckily they couldn't fly :D.

Anyway since I do think that staying a child is more important than trying to become an adult, and since I can't help you having my relaxing&lovely dreams :-), I decided to share with you a story I have written in December '10. It was a St. Nicholas' gift and it is about a girl with a sapphire heart! I called it The Legend of the Padparadcha Sapphire and it's all inspired from and about Sri Lanka... of course:). The pink-orange Padparadcha sapphire really exists and comes from there and luckily is not expensive as the blue may get one someday :)

Hope you'll like it, think of your fairy tale and have happy dreams!

PS: or least you have learned about a new gem and can surprise your wife/girlfried/daughter :-)

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Kamal Sharma said...

Love the story. You need to write stories often. Would wait...