Friday, January 21, 2011

About Gems, Fairy tales and Dreams

Last night I had an awesome dream: I was a fairy and we were having flying lessons. It was pretty easy, just spreading our hands and rapidly taking altitude, then controlling our balance while going up and down towards a valley. We were supposed to get some water and come back to the fairies' garden :-) I remember us wearing some lovely white&silver dresses, people not being able to see us...and some evil creatures (dressed like lady GAGA) trying to get us- but luckily they couldn't fly :D.

Anyway since I do think that staying a child is more important than trying to become an adult, and since I can't help you having my relaxing&lovely dreams :-), I decided to share with you a story I have written in December '10. It was a St. Nicholas' gift and it is about a girl with a sapphire heart! I called it The Legend of the Padparadcha Sapphire and it's all inspired from and about Sri Lanka... of course:). The pink-orange Padparadcha sapphire really exists and comes from there and luckily is not expensive as the blue may get one someday :)

Hope you'll like it, think of your fairy tale and have happy dreams!

PS: or least you have learned about a new gem and can surprise your wife/girlfried/daughter :-)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Animals- Jambo Kenya!

Mahatma Gandhi used to say The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Now not sure this refers to all animals (wild or not) but it kind of makes you wonder if stuffing an animal with chemicals to get more meat, still qualifies some very well developed countries as "moral". But luckily there are places in this world where I think animals are pretty happy!

While in Kenya (you can check some photos here) I had the chance to visit the Lake Nakuru Park and see
flamingos, giraffes, cape buffaloes, Deffassa waterbucks, Thomson's and grant’s gazelles, impalas, 2 lions, warthogs, olive baboons, reedbucks, white and black rhynos and not sure if also dik diks.

I must admit that as a child I used to spend all my vacations at my grandma, feeding cows or trying to catch rabbits in the forest. Not sure about my cow but for me it was a happy feeling. Now when I think about going in a safari (which btw is a term originating in Swahili- the language spoken also in Kenya and it means "long journey")...I think it is kind of wrong, cause I am sure it is no fun for an animal to hear all the jeeps rushing from a viewpoint to another and be afraid of crossing their paths. The only positive thing is that we kind of learn to respect them and pay a high entrance fee which I hope it goes to feeding& protecting them.

Just a thought and some images...not sure how to measure animals' happiness or how to even define it, but at least treat them in a decent way without always hoping to see "a kill" during a safari and trying to instigate that.