Tuesday, December 21, 2010

... and a happy new year!

Since today it was so crazy&busy and I am not even sure I put an out-of-office, I am using this space on my blog to thank you all for such an awesome year! By hitting RANDOMIZE, the Happymaker is thankful for:
  • as usual first one goes to being healthy, sane, having my family around and being surrounded by so much love and so many dear people :-) These are the things that keep the happymaking going and spreading I would say :D
  • an awesome volunteering experience in Sri Lanka, with a great IBM team- Pedro, Hua Ni Niiiii, Brigitte, Tina, Petra, Meltem, Jenny, Anindya and Daniel and having the chance to make such lovely "machangs" like Anu and Romma! Too many things to mention here but definetely thankful for all the nice people I got to meet and things that have happened during this wonderful October.
  • my travels (wanna know how many countries have been this year? :D) and the special people I met....hang on gotta split this one
  • so, thankful for my new friends in South Africa- Dario, Tosca, Thys, Chantal, Danielle and Darryl for my first Safari!
  • to my comms ladies in Europe for joining our team building in Rome, Italy> BB, Adelka and Brigitte, miss you girls and hope you're having a peaceful Christmas!
  • to Dennis, Anita, Danica and Emmanuel for showing me around Budapest and helping me find my sweet dumplings :-)
  • for Heba, Sherif and their cute Toffy for welcoming me in their house and making me fall in love with Cairo, Sharm and Egypt! Shokran my dear friends! And waiting for you here;-)
  • Amir and Mona, for being so young, passionate and brilliant. Truly inspiring!
  • for my first Christmas gift from Bogdana- think these nuts will last until spring time :-)
  • for my Liz, Elena and Maris for giving me the chance to have this great job and work on so many cool projects
  • for finally communicating better with my brother and discovering the best ice cream shop in Rome :D
  • that I finally managed to teach mum how to swim, hope she will not forget
  • happy that I got to see my dearest friends- the orphans in Valea Plopului in Bucharest.
  • glad that somehow I connected to WorldVision Romania, my favorite NGO in the world :-)
  • proud that my friend in Germany, Cristina delivered a healthy boy :-)
  • thankful for being surrounded by IBM Social Media Ambassadors who have always inspired me @elsua, @andypiper, @karlroche and much more!
  • all the people who share my excitement and volunteer to be featured in my videos. It's always so cool to see that happening!
  • thankful that I managed to finish another painting, story and had time to play with my creative hobbies :D
  • impressed by the underwater world and my first snorkeling experience in Egypt
  • happy I got to have hot wine at a German Christmas Market again
  • my first American experience and finally getting to know the one and only @jackmason- my hero- in real flesh&blood (btw your avatars are cool also, but they can't sing Spanish). Also thanks to Jessica we kind of had a cool tour of US delivery centers.
  • delighted that I discovered the BRESAOLA :D Buona!!!!
  • having my one Saree:) and my own Unawatuna dress!
  • glad that grandma managed to settle a new personal record on litters of plums alcohol brewed :-)
  • Bubi's new job in the UK
  • riding Charlie around the pyramids
  • camping with dad
  • having the happiest Christmas tree :-)
  • discovering the hibiscus tea
  • discovering the Egyptian, Sri Lankan and South African literature...nice nice
  • no errors around cooking experiences ... trust me, this is an important one!!!
  • and of course having Bog around me for one more year :-) Still see the hears falling from the sky and can't wait for us to celebrate our 100 months anniversary in January (Yes, I am brilliant with math!) Love u, love u, love u!
Still thinking of many things to mention here but space is limited :) So thank you for all the love, the kindness, the time you spent with me, the lessons you tought, the places you took me to. Thanks for all the happymaking and I hope someday I'll be able to do the same for others. Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

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Kamal Sharma said...

Hey! You write well. This weekend is booked for your magical happy notes ;). Hope it helps me. Enjoy your stay in Kampla.