Monday, October 18, 2010

If you like Happy Banana go to Unawatuna

Back from Unawatuna, a beautiful, exotic and not very populated beach in Sri Lanka. And now officially a #happymaking location! Enjoyed is so much that I had to recommend it on the blog :-) And of course lots of first times again:
  • first bath in the ocean,
  • first yoga class (pretty good & very hot work out),
  • first papaya milkshake (imagine I didn't have that one yet :-)),
  • first gems shopping spree (and I promise it will be the last one :-) ),
  • first Bond picture on the beach
  • first time washing my hair on the beach (that's for our Jenny who even documented the event with pics) and some more.
It was a very nice weekend with my team, got to know each other better, learn about our cultures and experience the local one. Pretty cool and exciting. But most of it relaaaaaaxing!

Some more happymaking related remarks, since everything in Sri Lanka reflects happiness:
  • the cheese is happy, having HAPPY COW almost every morning now
  • in Unawatuna we spent the day on the HAPPY BANANA beach, ate at the Happy Banana restaurant
  • even found a name meaning "the one who smiles" = Hashani, which is for a girl :-)

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