Sunday, October 31, 2010

The country of happymaking

Back from Sri Lanka, still under the Island effect and already missing everything about it and everyone. Is freezing cold back home and I can't remember where I put my hats :-) Finally having access to super speed internet so could upload my video.

About the things I miss already, btw that reminds me of a conversation Romesh and I had last week:
  • my papaya juice ( had to be #1)
  • my IBM Corporate Service Corps team, especially my roomie Brigitte who is still enjoying her vacation there (have some pineapple for me B!). And Ciota, and Hua Ni, and all :-)
  • my new machangs Romesh and Anurudda, so nice to find great friends when you least expect it. Love you guys!
  • the morning swim
  • the sun & the hot evenings
  • the strong waves
  • my first sunsets @Galle Face hotel and BU BA beach
  • Unawatuna beach
  • hanging out in Cololmbo's nice cafes, restaurants and why not clubs> although there is still place for improvement when it comes to clubbing :-)
  • fresh pineapple
  • me in the saree (never thought I will miss that :D)
  • the exotic plants and orchids
  • the wildlife
  • Sigirya and all about that weekend
  • the colorful buddhist and hindu shrines
  • the smiles on Sri Lankans' faces
  • road trips to Kandy and Lunugamwehera
  • riding the tuk tuk
  • Cinnamon ice cream (had to be something with Cinnamon)
  • Wednesday table quiz at Barefoot
  • my team at WorldVision
  • Karaoke> honestly, Sri Lankans can really sing. Very impressed!
This could go on forever :-) Anyway, Sri Lanka will be missed and I am sure I will go back there. At least for some selfish happymaking! Someday, somehow.


Hua Ni said...

Silvia, truly liked your list, will miss so much about Sri Lanka, you and everybody. (Glad to be the first to comment, in Chinese blogsphere, we say 'Sofa')

Silvia said...

Hua Niiiiiiiii :-) miss you too!

Jean-Francois said...

Welcome back - sounds like it was a great experience. You're giving me that travel urge...

Silvia said...

Konnichiwa :-) the urge that keeps me up so many nights! Where next?