Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pensieri d'amore e tradimento

Good evening New York! Couldn't help myself from posting an entry from NY :-) especially as it will be one in Carrie Bradshaw style: about LOVE! Went to Rome last week (check some pics here) for a short vacation aka team building with the communications ladies aka celebration of our 8th anniversary. However this entry is not about the trip as I am still working on the video, but about some events that really touched me.

While happily inlove in such a romantic city I discovered a new feeling. Wish I would have never experienced it but it's too late for that: finding out that someone is being cheated! The second you find out it is either shocking or a confirmation of what you were already suspecting. In my case the second one. The next minute you ask yourself if you should do something about it...especially since I always try to fix things :-) The next half an hour you oscilate between preaching about how wrong it is to cheat on someone, letting the cheated one know about this or not doing anything about it because in the end it was really not your business. But as a witness, I must admit I really felt that I needed to do something. A couple of hours later I decided to postpone the decision since I WAS ON VACATION...but still, every now and then something reminded me of the unfortunate discovery.

I won't ask for your advice and I won't tell you what I decided but I am really wondering: WHAT DO PEOPLE EXPECT? Putting aside the fact that cheating is wrong, why can't some people keep this only for themselves? Why making your friends part of it? Not nice at all. Dimension #2: knowing you're the other one- not sure why people agree with that and date someone even if they know he/she is not single. That's not only sick but also truly, madly, deeply SAD! Is that it? There is no chance for one girl to meet a man who's single? Or viceversa? Honestly, thinking that you've found the love of your life in someone else's man or wife is an illusion. And statistically, the most cases go through the same experience later on, this time as couple.

Will not share more thoughts on this as I may give too many clues. Just one request: if you can't be faithful, have mercy: don't let your friends know- especially if you don't plan to change or listen to their advice! Keep it for yourself!

PS: found this lock on the Lovers' Hill in Rome. Once boy&girl decide to be together they buy a lock, come to the hill, write their name on it and throw the key away. This means nothing will be able to break their love...maybe my friend should have done the same :-) However, seems I got a secret fan who thinks writing my name on a lock will bring me back to Rome...ha ha, we'll see!

the Happymaker

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daniela said...

Silvia, totally agree you with on the faithfulness question. I am as disgusted as you are on this, and simply cannot understand it. And let me tell you, I had people even closer than friends have me involved in such things,and hated it... but while I find it disgusting, I noticed that it can also be a question of not beeing happy anymore with the "loved" one and that's the saddest thing it can happen to people...