Saturday, September 25, 2010

bYe, bYe, nY

Back from NY after a 24h trip. Yey! Actually from Dubuque, Iowa as exit airport since we didn't get to go back to NY after I finished my US Socila Media Happymaking for the Norh-American IBM delivery centers. Anyway, a few thoughts and pictures from the US:

  • delighted to meet my manager& my VP for the first time plus all the communications team. Connecting virtually is great but nothing beats real world :-) Also got the chance to meet plenty of new people and see how people perceive Romania
  • that's #2 we're still no more than a country somewhere in Europe, with vampires (got asked when I went through security at the airport if I brought any vampires- NOT FUNNY), orphans and gypsies. However there was this lovely campaign @ SEPHORA and saw lots of women signing in and ready to reshape their brows by this famous lady : Anastasia Soare. Yeap, she's Romanian :-)
  • food comes BIG...actually everything is BIG: buildings and cars make no exception :-) Back to food: GLAD to be back home ;-)
  • security is not as drastic as it is in Egypt. Expected more of that but was reliefed to see I only got a ticket from TSA in my luggage saying that it has been randomly picked for inspection but all clear :-) However think that during this trip I got more questions related to my job from airport employees than I ever did from people outside my working area.
  • was in a hybrid car for the first time! All thanks to Jack! also saw plenty of taxis and buses in NY, many of them hybrid- which made me say: HEY, THAT'S GREAT! All going GREEN! But then the shock: air conditioning was ON everywhere, in hotel rooms, meeting rooms, unoccupied restaurants. No idea why they waste so much energy even if it's not hot outside/inside :-( So still lots of simple things to change around the green aspect and get SMARTER!
  • Diversity at its home- which I loved most- people from all over the world visting or working in the Big City :-)
  • Lots of Spanish channels, Spanish translations and Spanish food- which is dreamy for a Latin person :-)
  • Got to see so many places& situations shown in American movies. Which was pretty cool. However no famous actor or star...Even if I did my best (you know I don't run) and went for a run in Central Park on Sunday morning. Nobody!
  • Had the chance to travel to Colorado, Boulder and Iowa, Dubuque which are pretty small cities. Still wondering when can one see a Jackalope ;)
More thoughts but not too much space to write them. So make sure you at least pay a visit to NY. Still lots of the USA to be explored but plenty of time for that!

Many thanks to Liz, Craig, Jessica, Elyssa, Jen, Jack, Elena, Joan, Christine
and Micha for a nice trip!

Bye, Bye NY!

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