Monday, August 9, 2010

Said-making in Egypt

Ahlan dear friends :-)

Back from Cairo and Sharm-el-Sheikh with lots of happymaking ideas, experiences , pictures and tips! Egypt is a perfect place of that:
  • First surprise: do you remember Jabulani? Of course there are people who have the HAPPY name in Egypt also. Introducing: Sa‘īd (سعيد) is a male Arabic name meaning "happy". The name can also be transliterated as Said or Saeed. Didn't meet any Said or Saeed but hope you'll meet lots of them :-)
  • Food is awesome. Loved the lamb dishes, the super fresh sea food and much much more. Since I am fasting now I will refrain myself from thinking of it :-) First times: tried crabs, sugar cane juice- delicious, mango ice cream, mastica ice creams (an ice cream containing plenty of arabic gum, yummy), fried pigeon, discovered the various mango types (the smaller the more tasty), ate fresh dates (not the dried ones), fresh guava, tameya...and more.
  • I got to meet my dear camel Charlie Brown again :-). But this time I allowed Mr to ride him. So I ended up with Mickey Mouse...good boy also! Lovely tour around the Pyramids!
  • Had so much fun with Sherif, Heba and little Tofi! Lovely friends and we spent lots of time in their arabeya shababeya (modern car), tried on their galabeya (arabic outfit) but didn't eat the molocheya :-) Shokran Shokran Shokran!

  • Red Sea is P-A-R-A-D-I-S-E! The beauty on Sharm is totally inside the salty waters of the Red Sea! So don't go there if you only want to spend time outside the water. The treasure are really under the sea :-) Incredible fishes, corals and much more. A beautiful world and things I had never imagined I will ever get to see. And despite the fact that I was the lamest snorkeler in our team I still loved it and am very thankful for what I managed to see- next time I'll be better equipped. Perfect happymaking place for divers I bet!
Video souvenir for you:

I feel like I could really write a book now :-) Amaized by Egypt and happy that I got to spend 10 days with my best Egyptian friends, have fun with them, learn more about their culture, see places I didn't get to see during my first trip there and of course learn some Arabic. Mr. and I will continue learning.

Tahya Masr :-) (Viva Egypt)

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