Monday, July 5, 2010

Friends & Facebook

Next month I am turning 27. Or not (never good at figuring this out- born in 83 so you do the math). Not that this post is related to my bday but now you'll have enough time to ship your presents even if you're overseas :-) For security reasons address won't be posted here.

Now the July post is about FRIENDSHIP and FACEBOOK. And because we have talked about it in many times, what intrigued me this time is that some people think that having 300 friends in Facebook makes you look shallow. But I would love to ask them: are FB friends their real friends?
  • First we use Facebook for business. A lot. So we connect with colleagues, people who apply for jobs with our employers, people who work in the same social project, who belong to the same Cook4Fun community and more. You got the picture: FB is to CONNECT people, not only to keep in touch with friends.
  • Second: I am a Christian. I am a friend for all the people. Unless they don't want me to :-) So whoever wants to talk to me, needs help or advice, I am there, no matter if "Friend" or not, Facebook or elsewhere.
  • I think that someday the "FRIENDS" in Facebook will be called "Connections". Exactly for the reason above. So what are you going to say then? :-) Suddenly being "connected" to 300 people won't make you look shallow anymore.
  • I also consider that you can't manage more than 500-600 connections in Facebook- I delete and add new ones on a regular basis. Except if you're a star and have a fan page :-) - that would be understandable. But if not, it doesn't really make sense
  • Ironically the people I think of as my closest friends (not many anyway) are not in Facebook or not online at all. So going on FB to keep in touch with friends won't be the most brilliant idea one can have :-) We do it for other reasons also: eg curiosity, wanting to stay updated, etc.
  • Just being on FB and having an account won't make any of my real friends any comment worthy. Is all about sharing: news from your life, going out tips, interesting things, etc. If all you want to achieve with using FB is to permanently get access to my email account you don't even have to join FB- it's all in the public profile :-)
Not sure I structured this post ok but however main points were that FB is not for connecting friends only and that it really makes connecting friends easier&great, if done properly. I mean really, I just love to see when friends from Amsterdam or Sweden are going hiking or see someone's kid growing under my daily status updates :-)


French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

I agree. I use Facebook to keep in contact with the people who are far from me because they are spread out all over the place. -.-"

Thank you for your thoughtful post.

-French Bean

joven said...

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