Friday, June 4, 2010

Making B-cities happy

Over the past 3 weeks I had the chance to leave my B city- Bucharest and head it to other 3 B-cities in Europe: Budapest, Bratislava and Brno. Three different countries, languages, cultures, food but with similar rainy weather and sometimes (notice I didn't say ALL the time) nasty food :-) (eg meat with sweet whipped cream).
Was a real happymaking time. You cannot image how many people I met, talked to, worked with and of course had fun with :-) Think I got a couple of new good friends now and I am already looking forward to meeting them again!

Some #happymaking tips for the tourist in you:
  • Hungarian dumplings with sour cream and strawberry jam,
  • delicious Slovakian dumplings with vanilla sauce and poppy,
  • the Blue Church in Bratislava,
  • and view from the castle and a walk along the Danube in Budapest,
  • the Pegas restaurant and pivo-beer in Brno (don't drink beer but everyone seemed to love it)
  • Hungarian wooden souvenirs for your kitchen...beautifully painted
Many thanks to Anita, Danica, Dennis, Adela, Maris, Rick, Jessica, Birgit, Emmanuel for some lovely days and fun nights. Hope to see you again!

And an advice: make the best out of your trips- work related or not. The people we meet are touching our lives in unknown ways. Make sure you try to make them happymaking experiences :-)

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