Friday, May 7, 2010

La prova del cuoco

How should I translate happymaking in Italian? Cause that's what this post is about:cooking, Italy and fashion :-) Mum just returned from Rome, Italy and brought me the most happymaking gifts she could- u can see she knows me well :-)
So I got the most beautiful mix of pasta in the world (colored with tomato, spinach- green ones, beetroot, paprika, curcuma and sepia -dark ones) and two lovely aprons to enjoy my cooking even more.

I decided to wear the Italian flag-like one as I am such a cheesy/formaggi person :-) and whoever will cook with me will get the dark blue one (which is a manly color anyway). Will try them tomorrow with dad as we are doing Malaga ice cream (yes I am a traitor but we love Spain also :-))

That was it so far. You can read more on what makes women happy- cooking in a previous post :D

CIAO, CIAO, Bacini
The Happymaker


Kamal Sharma said...
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Kamal Sharma said...

Well you are terrible with tea and coffee ;) , hope the pasta and icecreams turns out well. Good luck with cooking.