Sunday, May 2, 2010

happy birthdayS :)

Because I am the Happymaking Fairy and because he's the most precious one in my life plus because he'll only be around for 3 more days I decided to use my super powers and celebrate his 27th anniversary fairy tale -like:
  • for 3 days and 3 nights
  • with a dreamy birthday cake (see pic below-made with fresh strawberries cream, zabaione a la Silvia- meaning with rum, soft meringue, almonds and some drops of blue curacao to make it look more exotic- yummy yummy )
  • with lots of flowers (yeah boys should get flowers also!)
  • with a bit of anime as he is such a fan (made us Toradora matching t-shirts - me Taiga :-))
  • lots of love and happiness
  • and a Jazz concerts which will happen tomorrow (so don't tell him yet :-) )- Darius Brubeck will be playing in Bucharest and believe it or not he's a friend of someone in IBM US and so we'll meet :-)
  • a relaxing picnic/lunch with his family
  • wrote him a short story :-) - I like writing them/ he likes reading them :)
  • and some more activities which will follow...shhh still surprises :-)
3 days may sound strange to you but I feel we are doing this all the time anyway and we do celebrate each day like it is a unique anniversary. And it actually is: we celebrate the time we spend together, the fact that we have each other, the love, they joy, the happiness (can't stop smiling right now :-)) and the excitement of having a long life ahead of us - full of lovely events, surprises, new places to see and new experiences to encounter... all together.

My happymaking advice: don't wait for his or her bday to come- celebrate it now :-) and every single day! Good things must happen more than once a year ;-)

Love, xoxo
The Happymaker

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