Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I say "Hallo" and never "hello" :-) Did you notice? And no it's not because I can't write hello, although a few tried to correct this, but because I always say it in GERMAN :-) Yes, Germans say hello also. Of course I also do that cause it's pretty funny to see if someone notices it and answers back in German. When I am pretty sure nobody is aware of German I just say "hi", but otherwise testing ground with HALLO.

Now in order to prove that German is not as difficult as you may think and a pretty Happy Language (trust me Japanes HURTS more^..^) here is a short video I made while in Frankfurt. You can see the words are pretty ok and at after watching this you should be able to say more than Guten Tag, Wurst and Bier!

I'll go back to Frankfurt this month so if you want me to cover any special areas let me know. Maybe football? Could try getting some locals teaching you some nice football songs :-)

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