Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I call it faith you may call it happymaking obsession but believe it or not I found some great signs of happymaking while in South Africa. Won't talk about the food (cause the closest I got from the African cuisine was a springbok sausage ^..^),the lovely weather, the green Joburg or the inspiring people I met, but about how wherever I go happymaking is my sole travel companion. And if you'll read further you'll also see that the chances of me finding out about this were pretty low...

So every morning I went for a swim and hurried downstairs just to stay longer in the sun (my driver has also contributed to this as he was late most of the time). Everyday the same nice person entertained me for about 20 mins, told me about Africa, asked me if I am doing fine and introduced me to Afrikaans (in case you were wondering how I knew about Sawubona ^..^). Was a pleasure to meet him and ...kind of... I was always looking forward to it.
As this blog post also happens thanks to him, here is the pic of me and Thamsanqa @Hilton in Sandton- a lovely guy and dedicated father.

And now you are probably wondering what Thamsanqa thaught me about happymaking :-) With my natural curiosity I was asking him about popular names in Africa (like we have Maria, Ana...). Learned some cool African names but also some very nice ones like Beauty or Innocent (actually the receptionist's name was Beauty). And I learned that the most popular name is JABULANI, which guess what, is related to happymaking :-)
Jabulani is a common name for both boys and girls (like most African names) and means "happy" for boys and "happiness" for girls. Thamsanqa told me it's a very positive, creative and lovely name and that also we could write pages and pages and pages about it. Unfortunately I can't show you the passion he was pronouncing Jabulani with and how excited was about it.

And also the ball for the World Football Cup in ZA this year is called Jabulani (and the mascot Zakumi= little lion). So pretty cool ;-) Actually Thamsanqa thinks anything can happen during the games and that any newcomer can win with the help of Jabulani, the playful and incredible ball.

Hope it was #happymaking like, for me it was for sure, still smiling now. If you're name your kid Jabulani let me know, would send Thamsanqa an email (yes I got his email ^..^) and tell him about it.

Thanks Thamsanqa and keep making visitors like me @home in Johannesburg!

the Happymaker


Silvia said...

errata: Sawubona is not Afrikaans but Zulu :-)

Silvia said...

And he sent me a note:

Hi Silvia

Nice to here from u,and i believe that your flight from South Africa to Romanio u arrive safe.
Friend im showing everyone who's next to me that the email from Romanio arrived with lovely pictures.

I can't wait to show my wife,anyway ALL is well in South africa.
God bless u, u make proud

speak soon
Thamsanqa kakana

COOOOL :-)))

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Limbless Jack said...

wow I am so jealous you were there.