Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Happymaker goes to Amsterdam

today I finished planning my business trip to Amsterdam so I decided to check if I can make any happymaking out of it :-) So googling for "Happy Amsterdam" I discovered this cool project: I am Happy Project. org.

This should run in A'dam in February, you can find the location, details here.

But back to the project, they say it makes one person happy, at a time. From this video (with no embedding options :-)) you should understand how you could join. Anyway any happymaking idea is a good one so I suppose thy are ok also.

Back to Amsterdam, as I'll have about an afternoon to visit the city I am surely planning to:
1. Buy cheese
2. Buy diet chocolate for dad
3. Check some souvenirs
4. Drink a hot chocolate
5. Take a long walk around the city

Yes no museums as there is no time for them :-) And hope to learn some cool stuff about IBM so that I can make other happy afterward :-)

Will post some pics and don't ask me to bring you "funny" smoking material :-) Cause I won't!

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