Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happymaking in Cairo

Last week I was in Egypt, Cairo for a few days to work on comms activities for two very young global delivery centers. Won't talk about work about this was by far the nicest IBM community I have ever seen:-) but show you a small video with places I've seen, friends I made and of course food I ate. Absolutely fantastic! So in case you haven't been to Africa's largest city yet I surely advise you to do it. Once you start getting along with the awful traffic you'll discover a nice mix of religions, people, spices, music, myths and fragrances.

Will surely remember Cairo and its nice people and will do come back in 2010...especially as the Lara Croft in me still has to explore some more pyramids at Aswan or check the city of Alexandria and the beach in Sharm el Sheik....and of course get more mango (manga) juice.

Shokran (thanks) to my dear host Heba Aly:-)