Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happymaking for 200 kids

Three years ago I went to Valea Plopului and met the 200 lonely kids. I said to myself that others should hear about them also so I made this web page: You can find there all the details. Ever since I visited them and tried to help them out :-) I think about 2 months ago I made them a Facebook fan page and then connecting to volunteers became pretty easy. This Saturday we went there with 10 cars, bought food, supplies and spent some time with the kids. Although it was not easy organizing this and collecting things or money I still feel we didn't achieve too much: they still need houses, appliances, furniture and of course people around them.

However here is a small video I made for them. Unfortunately priest Tanase was not around so you won't see him in this video. Hope this way, more and more people will learn about them and give a hand. If you want to donate or be a volunteer you can find all the contact details on the web page or ask me. See you around :-)

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