Friday, October 30, 2009

Happymaking & Unemployment

Another post dedicated to the crisis :-) Won't start by saying how wrong we calculate unemployment today (not including experts in lower performing jobs who are always ready to switch or people who although employed look for another job) or by arguing IF there is a crisis (you can check Peter Schiff for this). But will dedicate some thoughts to the unemployed people, to those who got fired these months or those who graduated and can't find any jobs.

We all know the bad things for being unemployed: no money, no professional activity to add to your CV, etc. But let's try finding some good points also:
  • you get SOME money
  • more time to spend with the family, help kids around with homework a.o.
  • more time to do some sport, run, gym, dance (activities you didn't have the time for- assuming they are free)
  • a chance to think about what you want to do- maybe you were trapped in a boring job anyway so this would be a good time to think about what kind of job would suit you better. I know it may sound strange but some people won't ever quit a job unless they are getting fired. So think about what you want from life now!
  • more time to build the skills you would need for the job you picked above :-) Eg. you decided you would like to switch from consultancy to programming> then start learning and programming, this way you can show your future employer you have some background. Same if you want to switch from HR to Marketing...just take some time and read some book so that you at least know what the 4Ps are :-)
  • time to learn a new foreign language. It never hurts, really :-)
  • more time for your existing hobbies or new ones: painting, music, watching movies, etc. Would name traveling also but this can be expensive :-) unless you have been fired from a manager position and have some savings.
  • enjoy the time off- there are never enough days off and some of us never take vacation because of demanding jobs so consider this a longer vacation :-)
  • help others: remember there are people doing worse, so if you got the time anyway give them a hand.
  • eat regularly in case you weren't doing this while @work
And last but not least DON'T be a shame! Being unemployed is something that could happen to ANYONE right now! And don't worry that someone will ask you WHY: even if people get fired because or low performance or something, the crisis is the perfect excuse for anyone and I guess employers somehow will get bored asking for reasons.

Be happy and keep looking for a job ;-)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Skip Beat

Who would have ever thought that anime would be an inspiration for my happymaking blog? :-)
Of course not all types of anime but happy ones, with teenagers, funny conversations and not horror, SF, etc. And not all anime. But only ONE. One series of anime has the deep purpose of making people LOVE, share love, understand love (that's even deeper than my happymaking :-( )

The series is called SKIP BEAT and tells the story of Kyoko Mogami (the Japanses Happymaker), a wistful yet cheery sixteen year-old girl who loves her childhood friend, Shotaro, but is cruelly betrayed and thus seeks revenge against him. Her plan is to join the LME talent academy and become more famous than Sho. But the president of LME sees the good and deep side of her and challenges Kyoko to join the LOVE Section (wearing a pink uniform) having as sole purpose to make people love and to share love. The series covers many situations and images of selfish people, lonely people, sad or angry people who are tactfully being thought to love, be friendly and driven by other reasons than the desire of being rich&famous.
And of course it also shares the love story of Kyoko and Ren Tsuruga (kawaii ^..^) which I find very very romantic. So in case you are looking for direct actions on how to make people happy & also having the cultural Japanese touch then go ahead and watch Skip Beat! You can watch the full episodes on crunchyroll (for free). Enjoy

PS: My all time favorite anime series remains NANA :-)