Thursday, September 3, 2009

Autumn Happiness

Hello dear readers,

and so we landed in September. I am somehow sad that summer is making its way out, but also happy about what it's coming. For those of you who are still suffering from loosing the beach weekends and can't imagine themselves under the Christmas tree yet, I will gladly present THE AUTUMN :-)
As this is my first autumn at home I am definitely planning to make the most out of it ;-) So here are my tips:
  • take long walks in the parks
  • spend my weekends at grandma's house and run through the forest, jump in leaves and collect whatever fruits I'll still find (guess there are some blueberries left)
  • work in the garden: autumn is my favorite time for doing that as it's CROP TIME:-) So just prepare some huge baskets and fill them in with all the goodies you'll find: tomatoes, plums, cucumbers, sweet pears, carrots and so on.
  • won't forget to prepare some marmalade, tomato juice and other things I like to eat this winter. As I like cooking these are perfect activities :-)
  • collect leaves, seeds and pumpkins and make some nice decorations for my house or for my friends
  • also saving some seeds to bake bread ;-)
  • buy some cacao and tea and start having "hot chocolate evenings" :-)
  • bring out all my comfortable and soft sweaters and stash my t-shirts
  • oversleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep during rainy weekends
  • and last but not least take lots of photos with the beautifully colored landscape that fall is always offering. You'll see them soon on my FB page ;-)
That was it, happy autumn folks!


Sonja said...

That´s wonderful program for the Autumn:-), very lovely.I´m saying the same - what to do and how to enjoy it. + The Best time to read some nice book in the evening (with cup of thea, of course and some nicelly smelling candle). Have a nice Autumn :-),

Mihailescu said...

thanks Sonja :-) you too

Seraphina said...

Thank you :)
Sorry, I don't speak English very well. I have found your post with google, when I searched some autumn's pictures.
It's really wonderful, and it's make me happy.
I hope this autumn will be nice for you. :)

Silvia said...

Hi Seraphina :-)
welcome and do come back. I'll be posting something on weddings soon so stay tuned :-) Happy autumn also!

Adam said...

Ow :/
I've never seen an Autumn like that. Autumn looks very different here in England. Not as bright.

claudiu!! said...

frumos blog despre toamna ..mai ales planul care l-ai facut..marmelada..plimbarile..:)

claudiu!! said...
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Mihailescu said...

@adam I know :-) my colleagues from UK feel the same...sorry

@claudiu thanks. I'll make some grapes juice tomorrow :-) yummy

andy tetlow said...

hi silvia, i googled autumn and this wonderful picture came up. im an artist and i would love to paint it.
its stunning.
take care
andy :)

Thecrasylady said...

Hi there.
I just wanted to say that i like your blog. And i liked your list of "what to do".

I am also very fond of autumns, the colors are so beautiful. Maybe not as beautiful here in Sweden as in you pic, but still.

Can i borrow your picture? I really liked it, and wanted to show my readers in my blog this one.

//Miss C -

Mihailescu said...

Glad you like the tips and the pic. Although I didn't take this one Romanian autumns look exactly like this :-) And I am lucky to have a forest like this one at my grandma.

Jarosław said...

as for me, it's oversaturated - but it would be great in HDR.