Monday, August 24, 2009

The Happymaker is back!

Howdy, my dear happymakees! In case you were wondering if I somehow vanished on my way back from Germany, then you must know that I was pretty busy finding a place to live in Bucharest, working on my new role, catching up with my family and focusing my happymaking on them as we are facing some rough moments now.

But despite all these I do feel extremely energetic and excited so will tell you more about a dream coming true :-) When I was very young, like 8 or so I was dreaming about becoming an ambassador (maybe I already mentioned that?) anyway this came true once I became a BLUEIQ Ambassador and supporter of social media at IBM :-). Now the dream is reaching a new edge and I will be working for IBM's Global Services business unit in making employees from the European and African delivery centers more and more happy.
YES, a MASS HAPPYMAKING with people from more than 10 countries and all coming from different cultures. Totally exciting and full of opportunities. So in the last couple of weeks I felt my head exploding from many many many ideas on activities and events my team could run with the employees, stories and great facts to be taught about IBM, careers&culture, showing them the fun world of Second Life and bringing them closer to social software. You can even notice the perfect match of my favorite "hobbies":
new job=people+IBM+communications+happymaking

Looking forward to working with many of you IBMers out there and hope that my new journey will motivate many friends from outside and inspire them to never give up on their dreams, work hard on them and be convinced that productive and good ideas which will improve people's lives are worth fighting for ;-)

greetings from the green happymaker!