Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Fairies

Last night I was at a lovely carnival called "Kleines Fest im grossen Garten" (translation-small party in big garden). Although I don't usually write about events I am participating at here, this one was an incredible happymaking time. Imagine fairies running around, giants smiling at you, elephants driving around and talking, acrobats,jugglers, dancers, music, exotic food in Arabian tents, mimes, comedy, flying angels and of course lovely fireworks accompanied by a divine music. Definitely a night to remember in Hannover's loveliest location: the Herrenhauser Gardens.

So in case you are from Hannover (Germany) don't hesitate to go this week or the next one. Perfect happymaking provided by 110 artists from 17 countries. Just to give you a clue here are some photos ;-)


bartman905 said...

Looks like a fun, or as you say a "happy" event. Thanks for sharing, it was like being there :-)

Also, it was wonderful to see the diversity of the event with performers from so many countries around the world.

Silvia said...

Konnichiwa :-)

yes very international. had 2 Japanese teams: first some clowns and then the ex world champion in Diabolo. Very impressive ;-)