Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Bye Germany!

As I'll be leaving my second home country next week I decided to write a few sentences on that :-) Especially as I loved being again in Germany and loved meeting new people both from IBM and from outside. So what I will miss most:
  • the location of my lovely house in Hanover, in the old city (= Altstadt, music everywhere, old buildings, tourists, restaurants...gorgeous)
  • the house itself with the British fridge (especially as I never had such a big house before and probably won't have one in the next 10 years)
  • speaking and hearing German (maybe that's the most painful of all as I really love this language :-(....well)
  • the fruits...some of them are more expensive at home and some not available at all (eg litchi, sharons, etc)
  • the spelt (=Dinkel) cookies and cakes (as I don't eat normal flour). But now I've been practicing and will be able to bake them at home ;-)
  • the Asian shops and all the ingredients which are so easy to find here
  • great Sushi
  • the great IT fair> CeBIT
  • cheap clothes (however not the shoes, they are cheaper in RO)
  • the great infrastructure both for subway and train
  • Hanover as a the greenest city in Germany with lots of parks and a great forest. Also the museums, bars and all the cultural activities
  • the geographical closeness to other nice cities and being able to be somewhere else over weekend
  • some friends I made here, people I got to know at the Romanian church here
  • the food at the IBM cafeteria (no cafeteria in Romania :( so will start bringing in my lunch again)
  • the sport facilities: affordable swimming pools everywhere and so on
  • Glühwein, German Christmas Market
  • Irish pub (I know it's not German but still great and located 50m away from my house)
  • the Salsa evenings especially last year
  • the North Sea, sea lions and white dunes
  • the zoo, one of the most beautiful in Germany
  • the BlueIQ team meeting in Berlin, by far the coolest IBM event while in Germany :-)
  • Eierspältze ...some gnocchi made with eggs and flour:-) and drinking Apfelschörle
  • buying books...they are very affordable here :-)
  • the open air events, music, carnivals and fireworks...great organization and lovely ideas...hope to see that in the next 10 years in Romania
  • the customer service...way better than in Romania
  • and last but not least people minding their own business. you see that less from where I come from but well...there are other things to love about my country :-)
I am sure I forgot many things. Will try remembering them and do them once more before I leave although the time is starting to fly by faster and faster.

Anyway not getting melancholic now, great things and family waiting for me at home :-) Will start with a nice birthday weekend, followed by a relaxing vacation in the country side, helping grandma out with her garden and hiking through my childhood's woods, attending a wedding, visiting my dear mountains and checking in for my new and exciting job...loaded with full #happymaking ammo :-)

So Happy Bye Germany! Schön hier zu sein!

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