Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Blogger

What does a Happy Blogger need? Of course to be happy and second a happy blog template :-) Assuming you all are happy we can proceed to the second part and talk about the happiest blog templates you can get.

First let me share 2 links (via my friend Marius Grunca- @marius101) with some nice templates containing the MANDATORY SMILEY :) :

Then you would need to use some user-friendly colors, fonts and stick to not too long posts to make your blog look pretty. Add your favorite links and some pics and ready.

Please don't forget to turn off any audio files you posted there: I close any page that starts to sing or yell before it loads completely, and we wouldn't want people to leave the happy blog before checking it out :-)

Have a nice weekend ;-) #happymaking

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