Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And the Happiest Nation in the world is...

COSTA RICA :-) - via CNN
According to an independent research group in Britain which ranks nations using the "Happy Planet Index," Costa Rica has the most happy people. In addition to happiness, the index by the New Economics Foundation considers the ecological footprint and life expectancy of countries.

"Costa Ricans report the highest life satisfaction in the world and have the second-highest average life expectancy of the new world (second to Canada)," the organization said in a statement. They "also have an ecological footprint that means that the country only narrowly fails to achieve the goal of ... consuming its fair share of the Earth's natural resources."

This year's survey, which looked at 143 countries, featured Latin American nations in nine of the Top 10 spots.The runner-up was the Dominican Republic, followed by Jamaica, Guatemala and Vietnam.

Most developed nations lagged in the study.While Britain ranked 74th, the United States snagged the 114th spot, because of its hefty consumption and massive ecological footprint.

The United States was greener and happier 20 years ago than it is today, the report said.Other populous nations, such as China and India, had a lower index brought on by their vigorous pursuit of growth-based models, the survey suggested.

"As the world faces the triple crunch of deep financial crisis, accelerating climate change and the looming peak in oil production, we desperately need a new compass to guide us," said Nic Marks, founder of the foundation's center for well-being. Marks urged nations to make a collective global change before "our high-consuming lifestyles plunge us into the chaos of irreversible climate change."


Minerella said...

I want to move there!

bartman905 said...

Interesting - thanks for sharing.

After a quick Google search, I downloaded the report (in PDF format, good bedtime reading later).

My two favorite countries are Japan at #75 (just behind Britain) and Canada #89 - both having long life expectancies, but terrible footprints (as expected).

Silvia said...

Thanks Jennifer, Ric. well I think many f us would consider now moving but the idea would be that if we won't move (as it would be physically impossible for all ) maybe we can do more for our own countries and cities. I am particulary happy that they show again that happiness has nothing to do with the wealth of a nation and more with the natural environment, religion and culture.