Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Animal Are You?

After having an "intelligent" discussion I realized foreigners don't know what a VEVE is (VEVE comes from the Romanian Veverita = squirrel= Eichhörnchen in German :-)). And I don't mean they didn't know what veve as word means but why we call people squirrels and why so frequently, cause everyone has in his circle of friends a squirrel (veve, wewe, weawea...or something). Will come back to what defines a squirrel person later :-)

Now second observation: we DO use lots of animals to classify people in my country :-) For example there is the:
  • wolf- bad boy, eats meat frequently when going out, lonely, etc
  • miercat - curious and just looks like that
  • marmot - now marmots are nice :-) they are serious, work hard are creative and can make chocolate and wrap it nicely like in the Milka ad (which by the way is called Paul, nice name for a marmot :-))
  • groundhog - tries to keep everything for himself, collects things, hides them, funny person usually
  • frog, cow, dog, kitty and bunny which are pretty much self explanatory :-)
And of course there is the squirrel: again collecting things, suspicious, eats lots of peanuts, fluffy hair, usually not very tall :-), funny, friendly, loves mountains, has very small feet (size 35 or 36 for Europe) and of course eyes and eye lashes resembling to a squirrel :-). Now what would be such a lesson without an example :-)

So here we have Corina, my favorite veve and loving friend who voluntarily requested to be included in this happymaking session. So to prove why she has such a "squirrelish" behaviour here are some pics:

1. YES, squirrels are convinced they know best :-)...or is it cause she was in her natural environment and playing in the snow?
2. after all they are wild animals and party like you see below :-)3. they hide their food and drinks from hungry some beers (and their repository never gets full..wonder why :-))
4. they always think about something, I would say FOOD 80% of the time :-)
5. and last but not least they consider themselves special and there is NO squirrel resembling to another. So if you have a squirrel around make sure SHE know she is the MOST special one. Ours is pink and is very proud with her pink attitude :
That was it :-) Hope this can help you understand our fun with identifying people as certain animals and maybe identify some yourself :-) #happymaking

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Silvia said...

and IBM loves squirrels :-) love this post on the smarter planet and squirrels