Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Virtual Culture

Last Friday some IBMers organized a great culture festival @Almaden in Second Life. We had guests both from IBM and also friends or family joining us. There was a great effort in preparing areas representing Eastern Europe, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, China, Germany and the Native American region but the event was a real success! I personally learned so much about native Americans, Chinese arts, Italian best places to see and Swiss way of doing business. We had live virtual flute concerts, drank cappuccino, ate and drank chocolate at the Swiss house, ran a quiz in the Chinese area and much much more.

You can see the video of the event here (we streamed it live via www.mogulus.com/IBMVirtualWorlds and tagged it with #ibmvcf in twitter)

After 2 sessions I can say that I was pretty exhausted but also very excited and happy. It was a great happymaking for people who wanted to learn more about these cultures, make new friends, grow their IBM network, experience around Second Life and of course have funnnnn :-)

The funniest moment? As I was presenting Germany's region I had the chance to stream some live German music :-)) as there was the Pots Festival in Hannover and a men choir was singing loudly right under my window!

Many thanks to Maria-Izabel, Chris B, Amy, Mihail, Chris C, Wayne, Dario and many more! Let's have another happymaking session soon ;-)

Anthi Arida


Davide Barillari said...

you make me happy !!!
great thanks

Davide, IBM Italy

Silvia said...

@Davide THANK YOU for a great tour! Italy had a bellissima presence :-)