Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter time!

This week we'll celebrate Easter, by we I mean the Orthodox community. And this year I am pretty happy as I am also going home (to Pitesti) this week to spend some days with my family :-) Now this post is not about happymaking with others, giving presents, cooking together with your mums, preparing our unique Easter eggs and eating goodies. It's also not about chocolate bunnies and happymaking around a barbeque...
It's about what Easter really is and how we need to prepare for it, about happymaking with yourself, about giving up on being selfish, envious, carrying about silly things, talking behind people's back and so many many things we do more or less consciously. About going to church and confessing, about forgiving and spreading love around us. It may sound old fashioned or unrealistic but indeed that's Easter about. Try escaping for a few days from the madness we live in, from the running around and ghosts chasing. Be the person you need and want to be!

Merry Easter! Hope I'll get to wish some of my Romanian friends HRISTOS A INVIAT soon!

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