Friday, March 27, 2009

Tale of a Red Jacket

This story is about two girls, shopping, two-three countries, randomly chosen so that you can't identify the girls and a red jacket. If you're not interested in any of the above mentioned items then you can stop reading and just go to the previous post about sushi :-).

Background: for this story we have 2 girls: a happymaker and a happymakee. Both of them come from a country where clothing is pretty expensive so whenever they are abroad they try to shop for various stuff. Now both of them are abroad and as spring is knocking at their doors, our girls decide to buy some new spring jackets.Compared to their home country one of them is in a country with pretty affordable clothes (Guatemala) and the other one in a very expensive one (Malawi).

The Happymaking: now the G (the girl in Guatemala) finds some cool jackets, half price at the...Happy&Making store. Excited she buys them both. G tells her friend M (from Malawi) about it and M decides to visit the same store in her city. And there it was, the perfect RED JACKET. Now M is very small, so small that she couldn't find the jacket to fit her size (34). M goes home and tries to purchase it online but the Happy&Making store doesn't sell online in her country...although Malawi is such a big country (remember Malawi is not the true country).
The Solving of our Tale: M asks G to purchase it online from Guatemala and to have it shipped it was the p-e-r-f-e-c-t red jacket. They try using their lovely credit cards but no chance, while shopping in Guatemala the store only allows you to pay with a national credit card. So after even trying credit cards from relatives the bad online shop told the girls they should stop trying and take a walk (of course in a very PRish way). But the girls didn't stop. So in the next evening G was visiting all 3 Happy&Making stores in her city looking for a jacket in size 34 (now imagine running from shop to shop, girls in the store asking each other what is size 34 in Malawi, calling the other stores to check if they have the right size, etc etc). No Jacket. Result: "please come by tomorrow, we receive them daily but can't tell in which size".

It didn't seem that complicated (although it was....OMG :-((( ) so G took another trip to the stores the next day. Of course, no luck.Day #4 and no jacket yet. G&M decided to pay the ultimate price and have the jacket delivered at G's home and pay cash for it (10Euro more...yeah yeah no Euro in Guatemala but again it's just an e-x-a-m-p-l-e :-)).

G didn't get the jacket yet (operation in progress) but we hope for a nice closing in which G is delivering the jacket by post to Malawi in maximum 2 weeks so that M can wear the Red Jacket during her spring vacation in....Tanzania?! :-))))

Remember: happymaking is not easy. even small things can get complicated but if they mean something to your happymakee don't give up. we live in an absurd world after all, so have patience;-)

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Silvia said...

today, 08.04.09 the jacket made it safe to the happymakee :-) (just in case you wanted to know :-))))