Friday, March 20, 2009

Happymaking Channel LIVE!

So in order to prepare myself for a project I decided to learn more about webcammax and mogulus today (was using camstudio and only watched mogulus without doing any broadcasting until now). And they are pretty cool...there are so many videos on youtube showing how you can put up together a news channel just by using mogulus and stream live and for free from any cafe, hotel, room or whatever conference you may attend. Nice? Indeed. Of course you can also upload videos and ask mogulus to play them on your new channel.

Webcammax is not for free but you get a free trial which is ok :-) Has plenty effects to play with, easy to use and feeds mogulus perfectly (may I say like a mum to her child ^..^).

And as I had no idea what to play with I did some happymaking....the HAPPYMAKING Channel...coming live with happymaking news :-) Now must figure out which will the next news be and if I want you to see me rather than just writing to you :-).

Anyway, stay tuned!

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