Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Mud :-)

Ok it's not exactly mud :-) It's some material one can easily shape into nice figures and accessories. Then it gets hard as a rock and you can nicely decorate it with some ceramic paint that can be cooked or washed or ran through whatever endurance tests you want to.

And of course that's HAPPYMAKING as designing decorations it's so relaxing, unleashes your creativity, makes you forget about work and problems and leaves you free and simple as an artist :-) Pure happymaking I would say :-)

So in case you don't have any plans for the weekend go buy yourself some materials (paid about 15E for all and used about 10% of all quantities). You can make souvenirs, gifts for your friends, pots for your kitchen and whatever you may think of.

I did 3 dango dango :-), some amulets I'll wear this summer and one for my mum :-), a sushi plate (that should be sushi in Kanji it I didn't write it wrong), Botan the pig from Clannad a vase for my pins and some other stuff :-). And of course if you're not in the mood for this you can paint, play an instrument or just do something artistic and both you and the person who'll receive the masterpieces will feel better :-) #happymaking

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