Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Andy Piper!

Do you know this Andy Piper who calls himself a social bridgebuilder? Or the guy who writes this blog? Who takes these photos and podcasts your tags with a... dog?

YES. I knew so ;-) cause he's just great and fortunately to be found everywhere!

And as mister Piper is such a great supporter of #happymaking and asks himself now and then when will he be the one and only happymakee of the day I decided to make him the HAPPYMAKEE of the WEEK (sounds nice, doesn't it? ^..^) ...especially as this week he has his 33rd birthday (hope I got it right this time :-)). So feel free to wish him nice things like cars, money, nice vacations (coupons accepted but please contact him for the delivery address), send him sweets and cool gadgets...and of course sing him Happy Birthday!!!...or Birth Week?


Kevin Aires said...

Happy birthday you happy man!

Michael Martine said...

Happy Birthday, Andy! All the best for celebrating an entire week and more!

andypiper said...

Guys, guys... you're all days too early. And this crazy happymaker woman is too kind :-)