Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where is your smile?

Thought this would be appropriate for my happymaking blog : a camera that can detect people's smile :-) After all we enjoy watching photos in which our friends look happy and smiling (unless you have a twisted mind and enjoy looking at photos in which people are crying and feeling down). So in case you are in the first category you may want to test this camera :-)...
To the technical part and how it works: face detection has become a common feature in modern digital cameras and Sony took one step ahead and developed the first camera with smile detection, the DSC-T300.

The main attraction of this camera is certainly Sony’s smile detection technology. So how does this new feature work? When the camera is set to smile detection mode, a user can select one out of the three preset smile detection levels (i.e. smile, grin, and great grin). After the shutter button is pressed, the camera will detect the target’s face and shoot the photo automatically once the chosen smile level is reached.

Besides the smile detection feature, Sony also implemented the iSCN “random scene recognition” feature. iSCN’s main goal is to minimize exposure failure in five modes: night scene portrait, night scene, night scene with tripod, backlit portrait and backlit.

Anyway, just give it a try and ...SMILE :-)

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