Wednesday, February 11, 2009


You are all familiar with the pay-it -forward concept: someone does something nice for you, you do it for X, X does if for Y, Y for Z, etc. Yesterday @andypiper sent me a link about how 40 people who gave a coffee forward and how they spread fun and happiness all over the world. Global Happymaking? Global Coffee Addiction? Global Gifts Giving? So I started to read about it :-)

How did it started: After attending the TED Conference in Monterey where the theme was “Ideas Big Enough to Change the World”, and the Sundance Film Festival where some of their friends were discussing movies that could make a difference, the two owners began a series of conversations about the future of online entertainment. These discussions about the power of online communities and the changing nature of play were the spark that led to Akoha.

WHY the Akoha Game (by Akoha :-)): Playing with others is so much more fun than playing by yourself. The social nature of play and the connectivity of the Internet creates a new platform for social fun. By combining the power of play and the social nature of communities, Akohas dream of new types of play that can both enlighten and uplift players to view the world in novel ways. You can sign up for Akoha beta here!

Wondering how to get started? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Play with a friend: it’s better to play your first Akoha mission with someone you know and trust. This will allow you to practice your Akoha mission pitch and help you work out your motivations for performing a good deed.
  • Start simple: Try playing a mission where you will do something that you normally do anyways. If you like to go out for coffee with friends, play the “Invite Someone For Coffee” mission. If you like to give your friends surprise gifts (like knitted hats!), use the “Give Someone a Surprise Gift” mission card. Play Akoha with the acts of kindness that you already do. It makes it easier and gives you practice.
  • Explain how Akoha works: Your Akoha experience (as well as the points you get) increase when your cards are claimed in by the recipient and played forward. To increase the chances of this happening, take a moment to explain what Akoha is about. Show them the unique ID and explain how they can go the home page and ‘claim’ the card. You might want to mention that if these cards are confirmed 25,000 times a school is being built in Nepal. You can also mention that this project is in its infancy, and that you are giving them access to a private beta and a chance to be amongst the first wave of users to play Akoha. We find that all these little pieces of information increase the likelihood that the recipient you play with will confirm the Akoha mission and then pass on the mission themselves.
  • It’s not all easy: Consistently doing acts of kindness can take effort. By scheduling ten minutes in a day to dedicate to making someone smile, you will not only better their lives and yours, you will also be inspiring others to do the same!
  • How to reach Ahoka everywhere:
    Akoha blogs:
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    Akoha twitter account:
    Akohans Twittering: Many of Akoha are Twittering as well. You can find additional team blogs and Twitter accounts on the Akoha team page here.
    Your voice: Check the GetSatisfaction account:

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