Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Funny Shoes

They say "diamonds are girls' best friends" but we all know that this is not valid for a financially restricted budget. So for the rest of us it should be like "shoes are girls' best friends" :-) (or diamond shoes if you can afford that ^..^). In the attempt of showing my appreciation to OUR best friends and happymakers here is a short collection of pics with funny shoes. Enjoy it!

Some interesting facts about shoes:
  • In Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries heels on shoes were always colored red.
  • Shoes all over the world were identical until the nineteenth century, when left- and right-footed shoes were first made in Philadelphia.
  • In Europe it wasn't until the eighteenth century that women's shoes were different from men's.
  • In the Middle Ages a father passed his authority over his daughter to her husband in a shoe ceremony :-) At the wedding, the groom handed the bride a shoe, which she put on to show she was then his subject.
  • Today in the U.S. shoes are tied to the bumper of the bridal couple's car. This is a reminder of the days when a father gave the groom one of his daughter's shoes as a symbol of a changing caretaker.


something for the boys: the new Opel Agila shoes ;-)