Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Crisis

I am sure by now everyone is sort of aware that there is an economic crisis in the world, in some countries with a stronger impact, in others can't really be noticed, seen as a normal consequence and a part of the economic cycle by some people, though a catastrophe and end of the world by others. So assuming there is a common agreement on the fact that indeed we are struggling to resuscitate economies shocked by the speed of our neurotic consumption , there ARE "things" that can still make us smile :-) Who said one can't smile and feel happy during a crisis? (except of course speculators and others one time hit and run investors)

So some reasons for that :
  • finally I can tell people they can stop buying stupid things and unnecessary objects :-) cause this time I have the CRISIS argument :-)
  • glad my friends stopped talking about buying new cars...don't have one, not planning to buy one soon, so I really think that listening to those discussions were a pure waste of time
  • also glad they won't discuss vacation plans 8 months in advance and will wait to see how their financial situation will evolve :-) never had an idea on where I'll be in the next 8 months or if I'll be able to take vacation so I am pretty pleased that I won't be the only one who has NO CLUE about it
  • I have a good reason for not struggling too hard to look for jobs : there are none available during crisis anyway?! :-))) at least in mature markets :-)
  • whenever you end up with a manager and you feel the lack of topics in your conversation just name something related to the crisis. the more particular the topic the better..after all we all care about details, local economies and hot news ;-)
  • although the Romanian currency is in a ...very bad shape (thought about if it should be just "bad") there are others doing worse. That's not necessary a reason to be happy but ain't it funny that they are cutting so many 0s from this particular currency? Or I am just being mean as we only managed to cut 4 some years ago...hmmm
  • you can make plans for AFTER the CRISIS :-) Nobody has money now anyway, or?
  • you can feel proud of starting to save some money (by not buying the stupid things from bullets 1&2)
  • guess you'll start praying from some help from above. even if the cause it's your financial situation the fact that you're doing it it's important...so pray more :-)
  • you'll start appreciating what you have, goods, friends, family. Bad events and times are bringing people together. Guess we must learn it the hard way!
  • you'll spend more time with your family...now that paying for the art club seems too expensive ;-)
I'm sure I am missing some basic ideas but I started taking Lecithin this week :-) Happymaking for my brain ;-)

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