Monday, January 19, 2009

HSI: Happy Scene Investigation

I am sure everybody on this planet is familiar with the Crime Scene Investigation CSI Series: CSI New York, CSI Las Vegas (my favorite :-)), CSI Miami...hope I am not missing any. In case you are not familiar with CSI then you must find out that the story is pretty simple: one or two crimes take place (depending on the complexity of the case) and then the CSI team starts investigating the murders. They use super high fancy high tech equipment, are also great psychologists and what's unusual for cops also super fit and can run and fight with any criminal...not like the policemen I know, but again they are CSI.

That reminds me that when my laptop got stolen I was really convinced the cops will find the thief...but after spreading some powder all over the room and telling me there were no fingerprints they said it was almost impossible to trace him as "the perpetrator was unknown".Really ????:-)

Anyway, what's with CSI on the happymaking blog? the way this is post number 51 :-)
I was thinking that it would be really nice if they made a HSI series: Happy Scene Investigation. A nice team of...maybe not cops...but also not psychologists or comedians...maybe Jimmy Kimmel and the Take That boys:-) ...would study the stages people go through from sadness to happiness, what makes them happy, how they can be made happy and so on.

And don't think about it as Oprah's show, no no no. It has to be ultimately FUN full of love and optimism :-) Would be something or? Instead of all the crimes we see all day long: at the news, special reports, series and movies..we could promote good people and good thoughts and happiness. I would give it a chance :-)

Meanwhile the detective in me must check CSI NY:-) Sorry but I get pretty lonely in Hannover without detective Bonasera.

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john said...

Crime Scene Investigation is an american crime drama television series. It's my favorite. CSI trails the investigations of a team of Las Vegas forensic scientists as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths and other crimes.


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