Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Tweets

Got this before Christmas but somehow I forgot to add it to the happymaking blog :-)
So here it is: HAPPY TWEETS. For those who use twitter or will start using it on this occasion, happytweets is measuring stick for how positive, or happy, a particular Tweep is. Enter the Twitter username for you or one of your buddies, click the "get happy" button, and you'll find out how happy your Tweets are.

How does it work?There's some cool stuff going on under the sheets that looks at what you say and how you say it, and you get a score that way.

my result for SilviaEmilia: ridiculously happy :-)

So give it a try and see how happy your tweets are? If not too happy then read more of my blog and put a smile on your face each time you start feeding the TWITTER!

Feel free to connect with me via Twitter! As I like to call it "Just in Time Blogging :-)"..well microblogging :-)

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